Monday, August 2, 2010

I am in need of information about meth cut with heroin

I have been a meth user for 10 years however last year right before I went to rehab I was using meth cut with heroin. I used it very heavily for about a month, I understand the mentality to a certain extent because the most important part of a business(no matter what you are selling) is your customer loyalty. So the result is the users get physically addicted to your product specifically. What I have questions about are the tole this combination takes on your body and are there any long term or permanent side effects?
I also relapsed not to long ago with the same combination and I felt completely comfortable and tired but my heart was racing and it felt like my whole body was shaking or vibrating. It never effected me like that before and my chest still feels strange when i breath in almost like all my muscles inside my chest are pulled or something. Should I be seeking medical attention?

I understand that drugs are bad regardless and all of that, I welcome any opinions and comments but it would help me out greatly if some could clue me in on the physiological side to it too.